Find your way back to yourself. Appreciate the beautiful being you are. Take back your power and claim all that you desire and deserve. I’m here to help you change the outlook of your life.

Holistic life coaching

This is what I’m here to do - to support and guide you through this journey, whether you struggle with self-worth, relationships, parenting or workplace relations – and help you to reconnect with yourself, and as a result, bring fulfilLment and happiness to all areas of your life.

I want you to know that we are here on this earth to be happy, feel safe and enjoy our lives. 

And it is absolutely okay – in fact, necessary and essential – to take care of yourself, to find what brings you joy… and to live accordingly.

As women, the sad truth is that we are expected to sacrifice so much for everyone else. Feeling good is not promoted in our society, nor in our homes. We have to look good, be good and sound good. But I want women to FEEL good and that is an inside job.

Let’s get you feeling good again


Book a free 30-minute Discovery Call so we can discuss your situation and determine the option that is best suited to your needs

(10% discount when paid in full)


10 weekly sessions

We intimately explore 8 dimensions of wellness: physical, intellectual, financial, environmental, spiritual, social, occupational and emotional, and how they impact your current quality of life. We focus on finding your joy. By taking this weekly deep dive and expanding your understanding of self, you are sending a signal to the Universe that you are worthy and deserve to dedicate an hour each week to learn more about yourself. 

10-week Wellness Package

(10% discount when paid in full)


6 weekly sessions

We intimately explore 4 dimensions of wellness: mental, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of well-being and how they impact your current quality of life, and we focus on finding your joy. By taking this weekly deep dive and expanding your understanding of self, you are sending a signal to the Universe that you are worthy and deserve to dedicate an hour each week to learn more about yourself. 

6-week Wellness Package

(10% discount for multiple booked sessions paid in full)


1 sessions

This 1-hour session is designed to support you in regards to 1 specific issue/topic that needs an immediate resolve. Through direct communication and intuitive questions, a greater understanding of the issue will emerge, as well as what the next steps should be.

Clarity Conversation

I offer 1:1 coaching packages that are tailored to your individual goals and needs. Together, we can identify what is currently holding you back from a life of joy and happiness, and start tackling these challenges in a gentle and holistic way.

My coaching packages

“Working with Marybeth over the last six months has given me deep insight into the core essence of my service business and has helped me stay connected to my greater WHY. In addition to being a great listener, Marybeth has a keen intuition. She taps into this sixth sense to gently yet effectively uncover the deeper underlying session topics, which in turn lead me to more impactful actions and results.“

- Susan Y.

Kind words


As a Holistic Life Coach, I support women in moving from coping to healing and thriving. This happens in a loving and supportive environment, not through judgement, shame or guilt. 

Once we have worked on clearing out feelings that no longer serve you, you are able to connect with your joy and passion. You will likely realize that all these simple things that make you feel good, really do make a difference, and by incorporating those things into your life, a major shift happens on the energetic level. This results in a powerful transformation where you break free of everything that has been limiting you or holding you back. Gradually, you’ll start doing what you actually want to do and what feels good to do, instead of what you think everyone else wants you to do. 

When working together over a period of time, the insight that you will gain of yourself, opens the door to a deeper understanding of different areas of your life, leading to conversations about what is currently important in your life. When focusing on specific dimensions of wellness, we are able to take a deeper dive and explore what each dimension means to you and how it may or may not be showing up in your way of being. 

It is crucial to come to each session with the desire to look within and understand yourself so that you can gain clarity on how your choices and actions are impacting your life. The key for coaching to ‘work’ is to be open to understanding that you have all the power and the ability to transform your life.


— Changes are made from the inside out, creating well-being and fulfillment in all areas of life that are important to you.

The transformation

My coaching approach is different and unique because I incorporate both spirituality and essential oils into my sessions. 

The oils have been instrumental in my own healing journey and I have experienced first-hand how powerfully they can assist in starting to feel good again. 

Before every session we have together, I also connect with spirit. I light a candle, pick an oil and meditate. I pick a card from my Soul Coaching card deck and believe it or not, every single time the card is on point with what a client has brought forward. At the end of the session, I will send a picture of the card to you.