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Through holistic life coaching,
I help women go from
surviving to thriving by cultivating self-love,
putting focus back
on themselves and
identifying what is
for them.

Through holistic life coaching, I help women go from surviving to thriving by cultivating self-love, putting focus back on themselves and identifying what is SIMPLY ESSENTIAL for them.

Ready to feel good again?

Time to change the direction of your life

You are tired, lonely, resentful and overstretched. Perhaps you even struggle with anxiety and depression, negative thought patterns… and deep down feel like you are not worthy of having everything your heart desires, or that a better life is simply not possible for you. You feel like you have to do everything and feel guilty for asking for help and taking time for yourself. You have completely lost your spark and wonder if this is all there is to life.

I get it. I really do.

Because I have been exactly where you are… but I turned my life around.

And I am now on a mission to show women like you that there is, in fact, another way.

By promoting and modeling self-empowerment, I offer my clients an understanding of themselves, what impacts the quality of their lives and relationships, and invite them to step into their power. As a result, you will walk away with a deeper understanding of what is important to you and what actually feels good.

Is this you?

— By using oracle cards, essential oils and crystals in my coaching, I infuse spirituality and connection to a higher power into the work I do with my clients – to holistically support your mind, body, spirit and soul. 

A spiritual approach


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We explore 8 dimensions of wellness: physical, intellectual, financial, environmental, spiritual, social, occupational and emotional, and how they impact your current quality of life.

10-week Wellness Package

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We explore 4 dimensions of wellness: mental, physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of well-being and how they impact your current quality of life.

6-week Wellness Package

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60-minute 1:1 coaching call

Gain clarity in regards to 1 specific area that you currently need support with.

Clarity Conversation

I offer 1:1 coaching packages that are tailored to your individual goals and needs. Together, we can identify what is currently holding you back from a life of joy and happiness, and start tackling these challenges in a gentle and holistic way.

Ways to work with me

“I had an incredible experience with Marybeth. Her approach to holistic wellness truly impressed and comforted me. From the moment we first met, I felt welcomed and understood. She took the time to listen to my concerns and tailored a personalized wellness plan that incorporated various aspects of my life. The sessions were not only relaxing but also informative, as they educated me about the mind-body connection and provided practical tools for maintaining balance. I appreciate her deep knowledge, empathy, and dedication to my well-being. One of the most memorable and innovative techniques that Marybeth introduced me to but now I have such an appreciation for is healing cards and essential oils. She has this powerful way of connecting the holistic approach with essential oils and the one card she picks for our session. My gratitude to her each week as she closes our sessions with the card and oil gives me a piece of mind and truly the mind, body and universe connection. She also sends along the card with the explanation which is something that I carry with me after the session ends. I wholeheartedly recommend Marybeth to anyone seeking a holistic approach to wellness.“

- Maria H.

Kind words

Hello! I’m Marybeth.

I am a professionally certified Holistic Life Coach, a certified trauma-informed coach and a ‘She Recovers’ designated coach. I also have a Master’s degree in school counseling and 20 years of experience working in public education. 

Earlier in life I was exactly where you might be right now. Despite having a beautiful family, I felt lonely, unhappy, sad, scared and anxious. And I couldn’t figure out why. Turns out, having endured a lot of trauma throughout my life, not only did I feel like I didn’t deserve to be safe, but I realised I didn’t know what being safe even meant or felt like. 

After losing my best friend to an overdose more than 20 years ago, I started my holistic healing journey. Despite the many difficulties along the way, now – in my 40s – I’m thriving more than I ever have in my life.

What I want all women to know, believe and feel in their cells is that they, too, have the power to change the trajectory of their life. And it can be very simple. Small changes can lead to monumental shifts within. It all starts with you. You have the power – exactly like I did all those years ago. And I’m here to guide you through it all.

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